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Insurance Regulation Answer Book (2017 Edition)

Author(s): Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan LLP
Practice Area: Corporate law, Insurance, Insurance policies, Insurance products, Regulation and compliance (Corporate law), Regulation and compliance (Insurance)
Date: Aug 2016 i Other versions can be found in the Related Items tab.
ISBN: 9781402426339
PLI Item #: 170724

Insurance Regulation Answer Book provides a general overview of the significant legal and regulatory guidelines that govern the insurance business in the United States. Written in a question-and-answer format, it provides an introduction to a complex and constantly changing area of the law, and practical guidance to help readers maximize opportunities, minimize liabilities and reduce compliance costs.

The book covers such areas as:

  • the complete definitions of—and distinctions between—the different kinds of insurance,
  • the federal regulatory requirements, including recent amendments on insurance company policies, investments and financial condition,
  • the efforts of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to create uniform standards of insurance regulation throughout the United States,
  • the role of reinsurance in spreading financial risk.

 Insurance Regulation Answer Book is a useful tool for lawyers who do not specialize in insurance regulatory matters; business decision makers who need a single source for the types of issues in insurance regulation that may affect their businesses; and lawyers and regulators outside the United States and students of both law and business who require a general introduction to how insurance is regulated in the United States.