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Evercore IPO Documents

Description: Excerpts from the following documents relating to the 2006 IPO of Evercore Partners Inc.: (1) the initial S-1 registration statement, Filed May 12, 2006, (2) an SEC comment letter, (3) Evercore’s response to the SEC’s comment letter, and (4) the final prospectus.
Form Type: Other Document Templates
Practice Area: Corporate & Securities

Date: May 2012
PLI Item #: 41263
Keywords: "1933 and 1934 Acts"; "Evercore IPO Documents"; "final prospectus"; "prospectus subject to completion"; "offering price of securities"; market for securities; reference to risk factors; commission legend; underwriting, names of lead or managing underwriters; date of prospectus; selling information; dealer prospectus delivery requirement; risk factors; ratio of earnings to fixed charges; organizational structure; dilution; selected financial data; plan of distribution; Rule 408 Additional Disclosure
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