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Corporate Compliance Answer Book (2014 Edition)

Author(s): Holland & Knight LLP
Practice Area: Corporate law, Securities and other financial products
Date: Oct 2013 i Other versions can be found in the Related Items tab.
ISBN: 9781402420672
PLI Item #: 47831

Covering the full spectrum of heavily regulated industries and corporate activities in a convenient Q&A format, the Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2014 helps you develop, implement, and enforce compliance programs that detect and prevent wrongdoing. You’ll learn how to use risk assessment to pinpoint and reduce your company’s areas of legal exposure • apply gap analyses to detect and eliminate flaws in your compliance programs • conduct internal investigations that prevent legal problems from becoming major crises • develop records management programs that prepare you for the e-discovery involved in investigations and litigation • satisfy labor and employment mandates, environmental rules, lobbying and campaign finance laws, export control regulations, and FCPA anti-bribery standards • make voluntary disclosures of illegalities as a major step toward reducing penalties and sanctions • and cooperate with federal agencies during investigations in ways that mitigate the legal and financial damage done by wrongdoing.

Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2014 features a number of recently revised chapters, covering • The Culture of Compliance • Witness Preparation • Procuring Computer Resources • Intellectual Property Licensing, Outsourcing, and Cloud Computing • Institutions of Higher Education • and the Consumer Product Safety Act.

Featuring dozens of real-world case studies, compliance checklists, and best practice tips, Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2014 pays for itself over and over again by helping you avoid major legal and financial burdens.

Essential reading at a time when your legal and regulatory burdens continue to mount, Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2014 minimizes the risk of litigation, penalties, sanctions, company turmoil, and lost revenue due to noncompliance.