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Delaware Court of Chancery Confidential Information Stipulation

Book Publication Date: Sep 2013
Description: Owing to Delaware's position as the most common state of incorporation, the Delaware Court of Chancery hears many of the most important corporate and M&A related cases. As part of their Guidelines on Best Practices for Litigating Cases Before the Court of Chancery, the Court has also created several model court orders to be used as templates by the litigating parties. This form is a template for a stipulation and proposed order for the production and exchange of confidential information.
Type: Other Document Templates, Litigation and Court Documents
PLI Item #: 59889
Practice Area: Corporate law, Mergers and acquisitions

Keywords: "Delaware court of chancery"; "stipulation and order for the production and exchange of confidential information"; "answering brief"; "scheduling order"; "mergers and acquisitions"; "M&A"; "corporate law"; "corporate and securities"; "Rule 12(b)(6)"; "guidelines on best practices for litigating cases before the court of chancery"; "verified complaint"; discovery; "confidential information"

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