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Interruption of Services Lease Clause

Book Publication Date: Oct 2013
Description: If there is an interruption of services required under a commercial lease that makes the premises unusable by the tenant, the tenant may want to seek rent abatement or termination of the lease. However, the landlord will want to ensure that such remedies are only available if the interruption of services is within the landlord's control. The sample clause included here gives the landlord a long period of time to cure any interruption of services within their control before tenant may seek remedies by written notice.
Type: Contract Clauses
PLI Item #: 60277
Practice Area: Banking and finance, Commercial real estate, Consumer finance, Environmental issues, Environmental law, Litigation, Mortgage loans, Real estate, Real estate litigation, Real estate transactions, Real property

Keywords: "real estate"; "commercial real estate"; landlord; tenant; premises; "failure of delivery"; improvements; "rent abatement"; "commencement date"; abatement; "termination right"; "holdover tenant"; "holdover penalty"; reimbursement; "expansion space"; recission; "interruption of services"

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