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Intercreditor Agreement Duty Disclaimer Clauses

Description: First lien lenders in increditor agreements could arguably be said to have a type of fiduciary duties towards second lien lenders. Thus, first lien lenders will want to disclaim any such duties or agency relationship in the agreement. The sample clauses provided here are typical disclaimers from an intercreditor agreement.
Form Type: Contract Clauses
Practice Area: Corporate & Securities

Date: May 2014
PLI Item #: 135753
Keywords: "intercreditor agreement"; "lien subordination"; "first lien obligations"; "second lien obligations"; "first lien claimholders"; "second lien claimholders"; "revolving credit"; "debt cap"; "refinancing"; "amendment"; "restatement"; "maximum first priority lien amount"; "agency"; "fiduciary duties"; "disclaimer"
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