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California’s Proposition 47 Two Years On: Find Out What to Do Now

Speaker(s): Garrick Byers
Recorded on: Sep. 13, 2016
PLI Program #: 193479

Garrick Byers, called the “Statute Decoder” because of his great facility at understanding and explaining California statutes, has written and spoken extensively on Proposition 47. He has also handled many trial and appellate level Prop 47 cases. In addition, he has written and spoken extensively on a very wide variety of other criminal law topics. He is a former President of the California Public Defenders Association, and  is a member of their Legislative Committee. He was a deputy public defender in Fresno County for 30 years and in Contra Costa County for three years. He is currently in private practice, taking mainly appointed criminal appeals, and some trial-level work. He is certified by the California State Bar Association as a criminal law specialist.