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Electronic Discovery Deskbook (1st Edition)

Author(s): Mayer Brown LLP
Practice Area: Litigation
Date: Mar 2009 i Previous editions(s) can be found in the Related Items tab.
ISBN: 9781402411656
PLI Item #: 19609

The discovery stage in litigation is costly in terms of time and expense for attorneys and their clients. Today’s explosion of electronic technologies and data has made the process even more difficult.

Written by legal and technical experts in this specialized field, PLI’s new Electronic Discovery Deskbook helps you to reduce the cost and complexity of e-discovery by showing you how to more easily and quickly prepare, collect, prepare, and produce electronically-stored information (ESI) for discovery purposes.

Packed with step-by-step advice, Electronic Discovery Deskbook guides you on how to educate company personnel on the importance of preserving ESI; respond effectively to reasonable discovery requests; handle the unique demands of preserving different types of ESI, such as voice mail, instant messaging, and hard drives; use the latest technologies to speed the retrieval of ESI; and prevent the unintentional destruction of company data and other missteps and avoid potentially crippling lawsuits.

Updated at least annually, Electronic Discovery Deskbook is an indispensable resource for attorneys, company IT personnel, executives, managers, compliance officers, and government regulators.

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Anthony J. Diana is a litigation partner at Mayer Brown LLP and co-leader of the firm’s Electronic Discovery & Records Management practice. He has counseled large financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies on all aspects of the discovery and management of electronic information, developing comprehensive electronic discovery programs and devising strategies for the disposition of legacy information. Mr. Diana also has extensive experience managing large, complex litigations and investigations.