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Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

Description: This Mutual Confidentiality Agreement provides protection to parties entering into contractual negotiations that information disclosed to each other during the course of negotiations will remain confidential.
Form Type: Contracts
Practice Area: Corporate & Securities, Privacy & Cybersecurity

Date: Jan 2017
PLI Item #: 210079
Keywords: "mutual confidentiality agreement"; "confidential information"; "proprietary"; "non-public information"; "degree of care"; "authorized personnel"; "Insider Trading Act"; "confidentiality notices"; "warranties"; "representations"; "nondisclosure"; "publicly known information"; "self-regulatory body"; "subpoena"; "judicial process"; "irreparable harm"; "legal remedies"; "equitable remedies"; "breach of contract"; "consent to jurisdiction"; "waiver"; "rescission"; "modification"; "authority to bind"
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