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The ACME Corporation Information Services Department Trade Secret Policy

Book Publication Date: Jan 2017
Description: Companies working with intellectual property need to have a formal document in place that outlines the agreement, rights, responsibilities, and remedies available to both the company and the employee involved. This Trade Secret Policy document presents a sample of how companies can protect themselves from the improper use of their intellectual property.
Type: Other Document Templates
PLI Item #: 210081
Practice Area: Corporate contracts, Corporate law, Cybersecurity and data protection, Intellectual property, Intellectual property licensing, Trade secrets

Keywords: "trade secret"; "trade secret policy"; "confidential information"; "nondisclosure agreement"; "authorship"; "derivatives"; "responsibility"; "restrictions"; "restricted information"; "agents"; "employee participation"; "employment at will"; "third-party information"; "marketing control"; "document marking and control"; "review of published works"; "physical security"; "unfair competition"; "right of first refusal"; "waiver"; "independent contractor"; "remedies"

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