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Successful Strategies for Defeating Patent Monetization Entities (PMEs/NPEs)

Speaker(s): Rachael D. Lamkin
Recorded on: Jun. 9, 2017
PLI Program #: 215972

Rachael D. Lamkin is a senior IP litigator who has successfully participated in over 100 patent litigations over more than a decade, practicing at the highest level across industries (including software, biomedical, and mechanical) and forums (including the CAFC, ITC, CIT, Customs, and federal courts).  Rachael’s clients have included F500 companies (SAP, Garmin, Amgen, Nuance), privately held companies (OtterBox, LifeProof, Geocaching), and start ups (Coopercode, AuctionThingy).

Rachael’s passion is defeating patent monetization entities.  She has a long history of successfully defeating NPE’s and, most recently, Rachael founded the first of its kind law firm solely dedicated to defending against patent monetization entities: Lamkin IP Defense.   Her successful anti-NPE work has been written up in Patently-O, Michael Smith’s EDTX Weblog, Ars Technica, and Law360.  Rachael has been nominated as an IP All Star for 4 years from Managing IP.