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Top Trademark Cases in China: How These Decisions Impact Your Business and Brands

Speaker(s): Amy Hsiao
Recorded on: Jul. 13, 2017
PLI Program #: 217060

Amy Hsiao is a partner at Adsero and is also a US counsel to one of the largest IP law firms in Beijing.  She specializes in IP strategies in China and Asia. 

She is also currently serving as the Vice Chair of China IP Section of American Bar Association and a member of the Standing International IP Task Force of ABA.

Amy started out her career as a corporate finance attorney doing cross-border transactions between the US and China.  She has since worked for some of the world’s largest law firms from brand launching, anti-counterfeiting to civil/criminal enforcements and high-profile trademark and copyright litigations. 

Because of her wide array of IP experiences, she was selected by China’s former Deputy Secretary-General of China’s Trademark Association as the only Western attorney to work on China’s trademark textbook for the Western world. The book was published by Wolters Kluwer and has been described as: “the single indispensable source on China”.