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After the Insurrection: Navigating the Future of Corporate Political Engagement

Speaker(s): Tyler J. Hagenbuch
Recorded on: May. 13, 2021
PLI Program #: 325879

Political law attorney Tyler Hagenbuch advises businesses, campaigns, and other clients engaged in a wide range of political activities. When clients participate in this highly regulated field, Tyler helps them understand how political and ethics laws can serve as strategic tools that both help them solve business problems and protect their reputational interests.

Tyler helps clients understand the web of federal, state, and local laws in the areas of campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, government ethics, and pay-to-play rules. He advises companies, PACs, and nonprofit organizations on remaining compliant with these myriad laws when they engage in elections or influence public policy, especially when clients participate in these activities across multiple jurisdictions with varying laws. Tyler has worked closely with organizations to construct political compliance programs that fit each client’s unique culture, and has defended clients in front of both federal and state ethics regulators and in federal court.

Tyler often works with clients engaging in political activity for the first time. As technology products and solutions move to the forefront of the electoral process, Tyler offers unique experience and counsel at the intersection of election law and technology. Similarly, as the cannabis industry’s regulatory landscape becomes increasingly complex, Tyler advises clients in the hemp and marijuana industries on how to best navigate the lobbying, ethics, and campaign finance rules that affect their political participation.

Tyler also has extensive experience in voting rights and voter participation laws, and regularly counsels organizations around activities such as campaigns for voter registration and get out the vote, as well as the development of election-related technology products. He is a veteran of President Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns and a member of the Perkins Coie teams that advised Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and President Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020. Using his in-depth knowledge of laws regulating voter participation and election administration gained during these presidential campaigns, Tyler helps technology companies develop products that make it easier for voters to vote, learn about candidates, contribute to candidates, or even find rides to the polls. He has successfully sought several Federal Election Commission advisory opinions on behalf of technology companies.

Tyler also helps clients understand the IRS rules for political activity by nonprofit organizations, and assists new and growing nonprofit organizations with issues ranging from initial organization to restrictions on lobbying and election-related activities.

**D.C. Practice Limited to Federal Agencies (Election Law and Related Tax Matters); Admitted in Illinois Only