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Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, & Artists (Fourth Edition)

Author(s): Judith Bresler, Ralph E Lerner
Practice Area: Estates & Trusts, Intellectual Property, Tax
Published: Nov 2012 i Previous editions(s) can be found in the Related Items tab.
ISBN: 9781402418884
PLI Item #: 38149

Widely acknowledged as the cornerstone reference for visual art professionals and their attorneys, Art Law provides unsurpassed legal, business, financial, tax, and estate planning information and guidance for this sector.

Written by two of America’s foremost art law authorities and stocked with timesaving forms, checklists, charts, and procedural guides, this book provides guidance on:

  • Drafting effective agreements clearly defining the rights and obligations of the parties involved, whether they’re artists, dealers, collectors, investors, appraisers, museums, or auction houses.
  • Creating tax-advantaged strategies for collectors and artists, including the use of complete and partial inter vivos charitable transfers, noncharitable transfers, deductions of expenses when selling collections, outright bequests of artwork, and income tax deductions for expenses when creating art.
  • Minimizing the legal exposure of clients, for example, by helping collectors avoid valuation errors, dealers avoid conflicts of interest, artists avoid copyright infringement, and art experts avoid liabilities when rendering opinions about art.

Art Law includes adaptable model agreements for transactions between collectors and dealers, artists and dealers, and dealers and dealers. There are numerous forms for appraisals, property exchanges, tax-free exchanges, loans and promised gifts from artists’ estates, dealings with auction houses, private and public commissions, and museum donations.

Distilling an immense body of law, advice, and practice tools into two volumes, Art Law, Fourth Edition, is an indispensable resource for art dealers, collectors, appraisers, attorneys and others doing business in the visual arts.