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Understanding Basic Trademark Law 2001

Author(s): Anne Hiaring, Lynn S. Fruchter, Jonathan S. Jennings
Practice Area: Corporate & Securities, Intellectual Property, International Law, Professional Skills
Published: Jul 2001
PLI Item #: 3897
CHB Spine #: G663

Anne Hocking provides clients advice on copyright registration, recordal, international protection of copyright fair use and DMCA procedures. In 2016 she won a six figure settlement against a Hollywood star and a major publishing house for infringement of her client’s book within 3 weeks of filing suit. She prosecutes numerous infringements across various platforms. She uses copyright along with trade dress protection for her fashion clients.

She  prosecutes trademarks worldwide, and litigates trademark infringements in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and federal District Court, winning a six figure settlement agreement in a trademark infringement action, along with cancellation of the opponent’s mark. An Adjunct Professor of copyright and trademark law for nearly 30 years, she also speaks and writes on copyright and trademark developments.

Her most recent presentation was on fair use, focusing on the Madonna sampling and Blurred Lines copyright infringement cases and a trademark article on trade dress protection for footwear based on the International Louboutin enforcement of its “red soles” trademark.

Name: Lynn S. Fruchter                               


Position/Title: Of Counsel                


Firm or Place of Business:    Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C.


Address: 1133 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10036    


Phone: 212 790-09207                       


Fax:                 212 575-0671 




Primary Areas of Practice:    Trademarks and Copyrights


Law School:                Harvard Law School 



Work History:            Kaye Scholer 1975-1983

                                     Cowan Liebowitz  1983 - present


Professional Memberships:  NYS Bar Association