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MCI-Verizon Deal Protection Devices

Book Publication Date: Aug 2021
Description: Documents related to the acquisition of MCI by Verizon in 2005. Excerpts are included from (1) MCI’s Form 8-K, Filed on February 14, 2005, and (2) the merger agreement for the transaction. The focus is on the deal protection measures in the merger agreement.
Type: Other Document Templates, Contracts
PLI Item #: 41260
Practice Area: Corporate law, Deal structuring, Mergers and acquisitions, Securities and other financial products, Tax, Tender offers

Keywords: "MCI-Verizon Deal Protection Devices"; "deal protection provisions"; "telecommunicatrions"; "merger agreement"; "no solicitation"; unsolicited third party offers; notice of receipt of a takeover proposal; "window shop" provision; superior proposal; disclosure obligations; intervening event; takeover proposal; termination and amendment; termination fee

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