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The Halachic Living Will (Including Proxy)

Description: The Halachic Living Will is designed to help ensure that all medical and post-death decisions made by others on your behalf will be made in accordance with Jewish law and custom (halacha). This document, the "Proxy and Directive with Respect to Health Care Decisions and Post-Mortem Decisions," is the basic form that provides such protection.
Form Type: Other Document Templates, Wills and Trusts
Practice Area: Estates & Trusts, Health Care

Date: May 2012
PLI Item #: 41661
Keywords: "The Halachic Living Will (Including Proxy)"; "proxy and directive with respect to health care decisions and post-mortem decisions for use in New York State; accordance with Jewish law and custom (halacha)"; "arrangements with a burial society (Chevra Kadisha)"; handling and disposition of your body after death; serve as a health care agent; mental health facility; "Jewish Law to Govern Health Care Decisions"; "strict Orthodox interpretation and tradition"; Ascertaining the Requirements of Jewish Law; Orthodox Rabbi; Jewish law generally prohibits the performance of any autopsy or dissection
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