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Key Elements of Effective Remediation: An Insider's View 2013

Speaker(s): Anthony O'Reilly, Jonny J. Frank, Thomas R. Mccormick
Recorded on: Jan. 31, 2013
PLI Program #: 46125

As the Head of Professional Practices at Siemens, AG from 2008 to 2012 Anthony O'Reilly played a leadership role in the re-construction of a major Corporate global audit function, from inside the engine room. He arrived at Siemens 3 months before they made the largest ever single settlement for breach of anti-bribery regulations, and was responsible at the operating level for rebuilding quality and therefore credibility in the audit group. Regulators, Audit Committee and the members of the Managing Board all came to rely on their capability and in the process, Mr. O'Reilly helped to create outstanding career opportunities for people.

After 10 years as a Partner in a Big Four firm, Mr. O'Reilly was attracted by this opportunity of a turnaround challenge in one of the world's leading industrial companies. This is why he moved his family to Germany and spent 4 years re-building this 450-person global organization back to health following a spectacular failure.

Mr. O'Reilly is attracted by challenge, cultural diversity and companies who are willing to put effort into getting to the next level. He is not dismayed by resistance to change and seek to work with companies willing to invest in skilled people who want to advance their own careers while bringing the organization to new heights and reducing the total cost of operations. All of these things were accomplished in his time at Siemens.