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Social Security Disability 2015

Author(s): Jocelyne Martinez
Practice Area: Litigation, Pro Bono
Published: Mar 2015
PLI Item #: 57651
CHB Spine #: 40

Jocelyne Martinez is a Supervising Attorney for the Government Benefits unit in the Brooklyn Neighborhood Office of The Legal Aid Society's Civil Practice.  Ms. Martinez is co-coordinator of the Society's city-wide disability law practice.  In her current position, Ms. Martinez supervises both attorneys and case handling paralegals that assist and represent clients with issues regarding the improper application of the regulations relating to the application, continuance and/or termination of their public assistance benefits and disability benefits.  Ms. Martinez has been in the Society since 1990 and was a staff attorney in the Housing, Benefits, Consumer Law and Family Law units.  Ms. Martinez graduated from St. John's University and Georgetown Law Center.