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Scaffolding Lease Clause Sample

Description: Tenants in brick-and-mortar retail locations, particularly in urban areas, often need to deal with the landlord's need to erect scaffolding or sidewalk bridges to make repairs to the building. This can cause interference with the tenant's business and signage. The sample clause included here provides for rent abatement if the landlord's interference is unreasonable or occurs during busy times of the year for retail sales.
Form Type: Contract Clauses
Practice Area: Corporate & Securities, Employment, Intellectual Property

Date: May 2014
PLI Item #: 58381
Keywords: fashion; retail; brand; "real estate"; "brick and mortar"; landlord; tenant; rent; "percentage rent"; "fixed rent"; lease; "gross revenue"; "rent abatement"; "abatement event"; untenantable; maintenance; repairs; "sidewalk bridges"; scaffolding; signage
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