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Early Termination Amount Calc. 2 Parties

Book Publication Date: Feb 2019
Description: In a swap transaction, once an event of default has occurred and an early termination date has been set the parties must calculate the early termination amounts due. The calculation of these amounts will vary depending on the type of event of default or termination event and the number of parties involved. This form provides the standard calculation of early termination amount for transactions terminated due to termination event with two affected parties other than an illegality or force majeure.
Type: Other Document Templates
PLI Item #: 59698
Practice Area: Banking and finance, Bankruptcy and restructuring, Credit risk, Derivatives, Financial products, Financial risk, Litigation, Risk management, Securities and other financial products, Securities litigation

Keywords: "derivatives transaction"; "swap transaction"; "early termination"; "event of default"; "settlement amount"; "non-defaulting party"; "reasonable out-of-pocket expenses"; "termination currency equivalent"; "unpaid amounts"; "force majeure"; illegality; "one affected party"; "two affected parties"; "early termination date"; "master agreements"; "valuation statement"

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