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Bankruptcy Court Summary of Schedules

Description: In addition to filing a petition for bankruptcy, debtors in bankruptcy may also need to attach separate schedules calculating specific assets and liabilities of the bankruptcy estate. This form is the Bankruptcy Court official form B6 summary of schedules and, for individual debtors filing under chapters 7, 11, or 13 the statistical summary of certain liabilities and related data.
Form Type: Other Document Templates
Practice Area: Bankruptcy & Restructuring, Pro Bono

Date: Sep 2013
PLI Item #: 59952
Official ID: B6 Summary (12/13)
Keywords: bankruptcy; "United States Bankruptcy Court"; "summary of schedules"; "official form B6"; debtor; creditor; petitioner; "chapter 7"; "chapter 11"; "chapter 13" "real property"; "personal property"; "property claimed as exempt"; "creditors holding secured claims"; "unsecured priority claims"; "unsecured nonpriority claims"; "executory contracts"; "unexpired leases"; codebtors; "current income"; "current expenditures"; "statistical summary of certain liabilities and related data"
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