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Subsidized Housing Basics 2012

Speaker(s): Catherine M. Bishop, Gideon Anders, Kent Qian, Meliah Schultzman
Recorded on: Jun. 28, 2012
PLI Program #: 41941

Meliah Schultzman is an attorney at the National Housing Law Project. She is involved in policy advocacy and litigation to advance the rights of tenants in the federally subsidized housing programs and the housing rights of domestic violence survivors. Meliah has served as a judicial clerk in the federal district court for the Southern District of California. She has been published in the California Law Review and the American Journal of Public Health. She is a graduate of Berkeley Law and the recipient of a 2007 Equal Justice Works Fellowship.

Gideon Anders has worked for NHLP for more than 33 years. Following eleven-year tenure as its executive director, Mr. Anders retired from full-time work in October 2008, and remains on NHLP's staff working part-time as a senior staff attorney. Prior to becoming executive director, Mr. Anders was a staff attorney with the organization, specializing in the housing programs of the Rural Housing Service (RHS), the successor agency to the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA). Mr. Anders is the primary author of RD/RHS Homeownership Programs: Owners' and Purchasers' Rights (2010), RHCDS (FmHA) Housing Programs: Tenants' and Purchasers' Rights (2nd Ed. 1995), and Save Your Home From Foreclosure (1994). He is co-author of Public Housing in Peril (1990), and FmHA Housing Programs: Tenants' and Purchasers' Rights (1982). Mr. Anders provides legal and technical assistance and training on the preservation of rural rental housing as well as the homeownership programs financed by RHS. In addition to his experience with NHLP, Mr. Anders served as a Senior Project Manager for the Ecumenical Association for Housing, and an Assistant Director for Field Services for the Housing Assistance Council (HAC). He is a member of the California Bar, having earned his law degree from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He serves on the boards of the Housing Assistance Council, the National Rural Housing Coalition and St. Mary's Elderly Housing.

Catherine Bishop has been a member of the NHLP staff for over 32 years, and is a recognized expert in the field of federal housing law. She has built long-standing relationships with housing, legal and policy advocates nationwide. Her work has been instrumental in increasing housing authorities' responsiveness and effective service to special needs populations including people with disabilities, the re-entry population, and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Catherine led NHLP's 2009-2010 Resident Engagement Initiative, which culminated in landmark face-to-face policy dialogues between HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and a pool of 100 residents from HUD's major housing programs to discuss plans for the preservation and improvement of public housing, which became the Rental Assistance Demonstration program. She also lead an offshoot of that successful effort under NHLP's Resident Training Academy; a national webinar training school intended to empower federally assisted residents to assume leadership roles and to participate in local and federal policy opportunities.  Catherine also leads NHLP's work in advancing HUD's Section 3 jobs training program and Public Housing and Vouchers Initiatives.

Kent Qian is an attorney in the Redevelopment, Real Estate & Rent Unit in the Advisory Division of the Oakland City Attorney's Office.

Mr. Qian previously worked as a staff attorney for the National Housing Law Project in San Francisco, where he litigated cases in state and federal courts to protect the rights of low-income tenants and homeowners and advised state and federal policymakers regarding the creation of new foreclosure protections.

Mr. Qian graduated from the University of Chicago Law School. He has a Master’s degree in physics from Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He is a commissioner on the San Francisco Rent Board and is a member of the State Bar’s Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Services.