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Practising Law Institute Unveils New Training Center for Paralegals and Legal Assistants

Alyse Greer, PLI Staff Reporter

On March 15, PLI announced the launch of the PLI Paralegal Center. Created for paralegals and legal assistants, the new Paralegal Center will meet the overwhelming demand for training resources tailored to these professionals, allowing them to earn compliance (CLE) credits while building their knowledge and skills.

We sat down with Kirsten Talmage, PLI’s Senior Director, Product Strategy and Development, who led the team that developed the Paralegal Center, to learn more about PLI’s new offering.

 1. What was the impetus to create the Paralegal Center?

We are always looking for ways to enhance the value of PLI membership for our customers. We also strive to be an all-inclusive training and education provider. So, extending our content to include paralegals, who play a key role in law firms and within legal departments in organizations, was a logical next step.

 2. Tell us more about the type of content offered through the Paralegal Center.

The Paralegal Center includes hundreds of hours of industry-standard training focused on professional development and skills, with accredited programs spanning 33 practice areas at Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Like most of PLI’s offerings, these programs are available to stream on demand. We are continuing to add new programs monthly based on customer feedback and areas of interest.

 3. What type of CLE are paralegals required to obtain on an annual basis? And how will the Paralegal Center give them a leg up in meeting any such requirements?

Paralegals can have varying CLE requirements each compliance period depending on where and with whom they are licensed. Most jurisdictions require ethics CLE credits in addition to general CLE credits. But some jurisdictions have additional special credit requirements. For example, Florida Registered Paralegals must earn 3 hours in technology CLE credits every three-year compliance period, mirroring Florida-licensed attorneys' CLE requirements. PLI has content to meet all of these compliance requirements.

 4. What is the best way for paralegals to leverage the courses and content available from the Paralegal Center?

All content is included in PLI Privileged Membership, and the content is on demand, making it easy for members to view at their convenience.

The Paralegal Center is easily sortable into the 33 practice areas I referenced previously. Within each of these practice areas, paralegals are also able to sort by topic. On the Paralegal Center homepage, we feature our newest program additions. As well, we feature an additional nine hot topic areas.

 5. What future plans does PLI have for expanding the content available to paralegals?

We will be regularly adding new content based on customer interest and feedback. We already have close to 10 additional programs scheduled to be produced over the next few months, and we have a content plan that rolls into 2022. All topics are based on dozens of interviews we conducted with member firms during the research phase of the Paralegal Center. We believe it is critical to solicit customer engagement in the creation of all products and programs at PLI.

 6. How can paralegals obtain more information about the new Paralegal Center?

They should visit the Paralegal Center, which contains all of the information they need about taking paralegal programs, getting themselves added to their firm or organization’s PLI Privileged Membership, and receiving and tracking paralegal credit.

 7. How can paralegals get in touch with PLI about speaking and writing opportunities through the Paralegal Center?

We are happy to consider submissions from experienced paralegal wishing to speak on a program. Contacting our customer service department or our membership team with a proposed topic outline is the easiest way to be considered. Experienced paralegals are also welcome to submit articles to the PLI Chronicle: Insights and Perspectives for the Legal Community, a publication aimed at giving voice to the diverse array of professionals working in the legal industry.

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